You know how as a child your parents always go “woooow!” when you make something such as a drawing? You know – just to encourage you. This may explain why as a child, I thought I was an artist 😂. I was so sure that I could draw – that is until I saw what real art looked like!

It always amazed me how people are able to express their ideas with the strokes of a pencil – especially when they are able to really capture a scene or even a human body and pull you in with the art (my best attempts at drawing people always made them look lumpy and cross-eyed 😕). Well that’s how I fell in love with the fashion illustrations of Steve French (@steviefrenchie). His illustrations are everything I had wished mine were!


I randomly found his work on Instagram one day and could not stop stalking his art. Steve is an extremely talented young Ghanaian man who just graduated from Radford University. His talents have led to him working with major African fashion brands such as Jason BoatengStudio 189Aya Morrison, Deborah Vanessa Clothing and others. His designs were even showcased at New York fashion week in 2015, through his collaboration with Studio 189.


There are different ways of expressing creativity in style and fashion. Some are able to sew amazingly, some paint, some draw, some do beading and detailing, and then there are those people that just seem to be able to do everything and I think Steve may be one of them. His illustrations are carefully done with his models looking as graceful as gazelles. He says: “Fashion to me is an art and my clothes are my canvas “



Think about these words he shared on his instagram: “Our aspirations in life do not depend on the qualities & goals of others. We should not down or make ourselves feel any lesser by asking who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous or talented ? The question we should ask is, who am I not to be everything great & not settle for anything less?”

If you love fashion, art or just generally love to be inspired, then you should defintely follow Steve French on his instagram. It’s amazing how he has been able to balance his career, family and school for so long. He’s an amazing source of inspiration!

11 replies on “Steve French’s Style Illustrations

  1. His works are to die for! you should check out the gown he made for Adomaa during her Afraba concert


    1. When this man throws down his happy guy smile, it seems you have no choice but to discover what is behind the glowing grin. Then you are his work have to sit down to balance yourself from being bowled over. His wedding dress (gown?) made me want to marry my husband all over again just to try on the piece…..geez


  2. I have been a fan of @steviefrenchie right from the word go. He is not only passionate about his design but he is passionate about people and is concerned with how his work will make them feel.
    He is humble and I believe he is going places. He is an artist from the inside out. I love @steviefrenchie forever xoxo😘❤️🎈🙌🏾👌🏾💃🏾👠💄

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