The first time I watched Nigerian musician, Tiwa Savage’s video for the song “If I start to talk”, I barely paid attention to the song itself. I was completely taken by the video!

Another thing I loved was her androgynous look. She took a typical traditional Nigerian man’s outfit, wore it – complete with a fila (hat) and a cane, and still managed to look flawless and feminine. It takes a daring woman, confident in her own femininity, to be able to pull off such a look.Tiwa



The look was put together by the Nigerian stylist company, “Tiannah Styling”. They not only handle the styling for video shoots, but design and make the clothing themselves.

For a bit of a western twist she also wore a tuxedo, with what looks like an African print lapel (I LOVE this tuxedo. Unfortunately I don’t have more pictures of it)


I don’t know about you but I think she killed the androgynous look. What say ye? Yay or nay? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

If you haven’t watched the video yet and would like to, you can watch it here.

12 replies on “Tiwa Savage – Androgyny?

  1. While i appreciate and love your article, i’m of the believe that any lady who dresses in male attires,either in part or in full and with such amount of make up would still look feminine no matter what.

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