Named as one of the most interesting emerging design houses by Vogue Italy, Rose Palhares is defintely taking the women’s fashion world by storm. This beautiful and talented Angolan designer (pictured in the title header) is constantly impressing everyone with not only her sense of style, but her business acumen as well.


After launching in November 2012, she has steadily risen and her hard work has led to several opportunities for her brand, including an invite to the 2016 Cannes Fashion Festival in France. Here is my favorite look from her time at the festival.


When I asked what inspired her to start her own label, she responded without hesitation that she came into this world with the dream of being a fashion designer. Since Rose was a little girl she always had that passion and even used to make clothes for her dolls. As she grew older, she started creating pieces for herself and her friends.

What I really like about her is the fact that she is very versatile in her work. She works with all sorts of fabrics, both the traditional and non-traditional varieties, and makes clothing for different types of women. She has designs that are classy, designs that are young and flirty, clothes for the more edgy woman and even some clothing for kids. When Vogue, Italy said that Rose Palhares was one to watch they were definitely right!

Rose Palhares Tee Dresses for little girls



Not all designers are as warm and friendly as Rose Palhares is. Even with my limited interactions with her I find her very cooperative and easy to work with. This not only speaks volumes about her as an individual but about her brand and their excellent customer service. Rose Palhares is like a breath of fresh air. I like the way she not only keeps it classy but fun as well. For instance, her “Bamboline Collection” was made up of cute patches that you can use to customize whatever outfit you are wearing. Check them out below.

They are fun and creative! So those are just a few of the reasons why I love the personality and the brand, Rose Palhares. In true form, this is Rose in the picture below capturing everything I love about her brand – fun, stylish, versatile, African and endlessly creative.


“ART is my life! I love to discover new fabrics and threads… Some call it FASHION. I call it ART!” -Rose Palhares

If you would like to see more of Rose Palhares designs you can check out her Instagram page here and her website here (be sure to click the translate button on the website if you do not speak Portuguese). Enjoy!

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