Hi everyone! We are excited to have a guest blogger today – the talented fashion designer, Naomi Smith. Based in Rochester, New York, Naomi is the CEO and Head Designer of Xstravagance Designs and has been designing since she was 12. She is excited to share with us all, her tips and tricks for staying creative. Enjoy!

I was always told that beauty was in the eye of the beholder. I find this to be true with my craft. Instant gratification comes from allowing it to exude through my work while also inspiring others to follow suit. We all have power to create something beautiful and our individuality makes it so much more unique.

Summer Romance Dress

Creativity runs deep within my family so I couldn’t help but to adopt that gene! I’m a 3rd generation artist and I picked up sewing in my bloodline from my great-great grandmother. I also have siblings who are very artistically inclined. Although I have these profound creative traits embedded within my DNA (lol) I’m very conscious to challenge myself daily.


Rainbow Reptile Print Dress

Being a fashion designer is one of the most exciting and challenging things at the same time. I love seeing the work that others come up with but I make sure I’m not a prototype of anyone else. Having a deep connection with myself (knowing what I want, who I am, what I’m best at) aids in the creativity process and keeps me original. Authenticity has always been the undertone of anything design.

IMG_8259Like anything that’s ever been created, my designs start with visualization. A preliminary sketch follows afterwards. This allows me to develop a strategic blueprint of how to bring the piece into 3 dimensional form. I think being content and confident with your imagination is one of the key components with creativity. Just like when we were little and told to use our imaginations; it’s great for us to do that in adulthood as well. There’s a stigma with daydreaming or visualization because we live in a society built on
“limitations”. Now obviously you won’t grow wings and fly like a bird like you so desired when you were 7 years old; but say you’ve always dreamed of being a vendor at a local art fair, or of owning your own boutique. Don’t be afraid to go there with your imagination. That often is the fuel for reaching your dreams.

“Runaway Bride”

I’ve personally found Collaboration to be a great asset in my own creativity. I’m a huge advocate of inspiration; inspiring others and being inspired. What better way to do that than to work with like-minded individuals? Some of my greatest ideas have come from either a group project (I.e. Photoshoot or fashion show) or simply indulging in an enlightening conversation with another creative person. Sometimes just hearing someone else’s passion can give you that extra drive to pursue yours.


One of the most important things about creativity is knowing your niche. Although many of us are good at multiple things but it’s crucial to place the most attention on your strongest talent. Being confident in what you do will make a difference between pursuing something or putting it off. Adversity always pops its ugly head in one way or another so confidence in whatever craft you pursue is important.

Summer Bohemian Chic Dress

Also keep In mind that comparison is dangerous for any creative individual. I stated before that collaboration was important but you never want to feel like you’re competing with others. You know the beautiful thing about the human race? Individuality. No two people are exactly alike. Even identical twins have different interests and passions. Being inspired is great but don’t allow someone else’s talent to discourage you in your own endeavor. Your painting doesn’t look like his/hers because it isn’t his/hers; so don’t beat yourself up. Get that paint brush and create what’s on your mind! Forget about the “rules” because there aren’t really any except; do what makes you happy! When you are truly happy in what you’re doing you have no time for distractions. You’re too busy making your own personal masterpiece!



Be sure to check out Xstravagance Designs on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their online store on Etsy as well!

Photocredit: Brandon VickMigella LillianNaomi Smith, Gilmore Hayle.

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