Being in a creative industry can be really tough, and even more so when you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Maybe you are a photographer but are fresh out of ideas for the concept of your next shoot. Or maybe you’re an illustrator collaborating  with an amazing designer but you can’t seem to express yourself properly with your art. A lot of the time, we start a project and stop halfway through because we’ve lost inspiration. Other times, we have ideas but never start because we either don’t have faith in them or simply believe that others are born creative and we aren’t.

As much as I believe some people are naturally brilliant I also think we can nurture our creativity and position ourselves to be and do great things. And so, as a continuation to the first creativity post on this blog by guest blogger, Naomi Smith, here are 5 more ways I found to help with creative blocks:

1. Get over your collaboration phobia: Sometimes we think we can do things on our own or feel that working with others means they will steal our ideas. But the thing is, we need people! If you think you are the underdog that people will not want to work with then you better start doing some serious assessments – assess yourself and find out what your strengths are (because you have them) and find out which ways you can offer something of value to the other party. This means doing research on them, really putting yourself out there and telling them what value you can offer. It goes without saying that when you collaborate always, ALWAYS make sure you are bringing something to the table. You are there to get more ideas – yes, but don’t be a shameless selfish idiot leech!

2. Study your craft and study the greats: This may not necessarily mean going to school to study. There are so many opportunities to study today – you can use YouTube and Google to learn anything from how to open a beer with paper (yes it’s a thing) to how to make your own clothes. And when you do this, please don’t just watch a few videos and think you are an expert! Dedicate time to studying your craft and improving. You can also be under the tutelage of a mentor – someone who knows the field better than you do and can teach you. Know your industry, find people that are accomplished in it and study them. It can be so inspiring to learn about the hardtimes they have been through and survived. It makes you realize that no matter how down you feel at the moment, you can rise up and do even greater things.

3. Don’t be a copy cat: Network, collaborate and study people that inspire you but don’t copy them! The world is sick of copy cats. pexels-photo-96938You can be inspired by someone alright, but make a piece of work your own by pouring your own experiences and personality into it. And hey, going through the process of thinking how you can put your personal touches on something gets your creative juices flowing anyway!

4. Just do it: Stop making excuses and start working on a project for someone. It might seem scary to commit because you are worried you can’t come up with something creative enough, but you will probably realize that when you have that pressure of someone waiting on you for results, you will be forced to think of ideas. Some of the best ideas in this world have been because of pressure. You have no idea what good it can do to have a fire lit under your butt! 🔥🔥🔥 It makes you jump higher 🔝😃

aaks jump5. Get off your butt and have fun: Do something fun, different or even a little scary. Get your mind active! Try new food, go to new places and travel. If you can’t afford to travel out of your country go somewhere in your country that you have not been to yet. See new things, taste new things and generally experience new things. Never ran a marathon before? Try it. Never left your warm climate to go someplace so cold they only have 16 days of sun a year? Go there! Always wanted to sky dive? Maybe its time to just do it! Give yourself the ability to see the world through a new set of eyes!


👀 Looking at the world through these @Kingzmengh shades wouldn’t be bad though! Lol 😎

I am curious to know, what things do YOU do to stay creative?

The beautiful dress in the header is by Rose Palhares

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            1. Lol no those are models. This blog is about promoting African fashion so I haven’t put up much of my own information yet – only that of people in the fashion industry. Will probably put up my picture in the “About” section soon though because I see that my lack of picture is causing some confusion! Lol

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  1. Great tips hon and I couldnt agree more: creativity takes passion and originality. Now the latter can be tricky coz in this day and age a lot of everything has already been done, so you gotta put your own stamp on things- thats what makes one original. Have a good week hon ( :

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    1. Exactly. At this point almost nothing is new under the sun. You just have to add your touch to the already existing things 😊. Have a great week boo!


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