Drawing inspiration from his Ghanaian roots and his love for nature, eyewear designer and founder of Bohten, Nana Boateng Osei has created lightweight, comfortable, zero-waste sunglasses made out of reclaimed wood from West Africa.

Bohten recently presented its Spring/Summer 2016 collection of sunglasses and I think it’s a must have for every stylish sunglasses lover. Each pair is unisex and very easy to wear with just about any outfit.


The collection featuring 5 different shades such as Astor Ebony Gold, Jetter Ebony Classic, Jetter Walnut Classic, Odei Ebony and Odei Rosewood – are said to be handmade from different kinds of wood and complement different occasions.

Bohten’s initiative is clear, to re-use environmentally reclaimed materials (barley, wheat, straw, stone) to design contemporary eyeglasses. Because the materials used are unusual, the design is simple and minimalistic.


Check out the fancy collection below.

Odei-RosewoodThe Odei Rosewood made from Reclaimed…

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