Ghanaian label, Totally Ethnik, has released their stunning A/W 16 collection. The sweet and vibrant collection, named Dolce Vita, means “Living the sweet life”. Dolce Vita was themed with the famous Dolce & Gabbana lemon print and expresses a sweet and beautiful life through an array of sunshine filled with stripes, crepe, chiffon, lace and raffia.

Totally Ethnik is a luxury women’s wear brand established in 2013 by Marie Kipre, the Creative Designer of the brand. It is a luxurious lifestyle brand for the confident woman who exudes ethnic beauty in all spheres. The brand has since its launch produced breathtaking designs and has become a brand to watch out for.

According to Totally Ethnik, “each piece was pulled together to define our creativity beyond barriers and culture. It’s a statement of how luxury blends Western and African Trends; our versatility and warm personality anywhere at any time”. This is the inspiration that influenced the entire collection and I couldn’t agree more. Totally Ethnik did a great job blending the two culture influences to showcase African creativity beyond all barriers and stereotypes.



















Website      :
Facebook    : Totally Ethnik
Instagram  : @totally.ethnik
Designer     : Marie Kipre
Model          : Julee Djoulde Bocoum
MUA            : Prettytouch_gh
Photography : Dextdee Photography

33 replies on “Dolce Vita by Totally Ethnik

  1. omg, omg, OMG- where do I start?! Ok, yellow is one of my fav colours so love the short yellow dress with frill hem…I love the lemon print theme and hw the designer incorportated it with b/w stripes, I love the choice of model and fact she has her sides shaved- it makes the looks/brand more edgy and just plain cool…thanks for introducing us to this label. AND A BIGGER THANK YOU for all your fab comments on my blog yesterday, it means a lot that you took the time to do that and its great hearing your opinion. Its also good to see you back to blogging again, looking forward to reading more articles from you! No pressure- WINK! ( :

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    1. Yes I love that they mixed stripes and the lemon print! I thought that was very creative. I really love the whole collection and the whole photo shoot so I just had to share it! And about your blog, it’s no problem at all. I LOVE reading it and looking at all your fabulous pictures! ❤️❤️❤️ Yes I took a break from blogging because I traveled and had limited internet access. But I’m back now 100% 😃


        1. Hi sailaja. Thanks for even thinking of me and nominating me. Unfortunately I don’t think I can take up the challenge due to the nature of my blog. I post content only once a week and the content is all about fashion. What I probably will do, though, is create a post about memorable fashion quotes.

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          1. That would be great Elorm. ❤ You do that. A post about memorable fashion quotes sounds good! 😀
            The reason I thought of you is that you would bring a fresh and sassy perspective to the world and use fashion as a tool to motivate people.

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  2. I absolutely love this collection! All the pieces are beautiful but if I were to choose, the jumpsuits, blazer and pants are pieces I would definitely love in my closet! Yes I picked more than one lol! Great post Elorm!

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