Our style icon for month is the very versatile, Kenyan-born, Liz Ogumbo-Regisford. Not many people are able to successfully juggle a career in music (she’s such a soulful songstress), fashion design, styling and entertainment. If you haven’t listened to Fashion Lab Africa, a radio show that she executive produces and hosts, you can do so here. Fashion Lab is a very entertaining and educative show that dives into all issues affecting the business of fashion in Africa. If you’re in the fashion industry, this show is a MUST for you!

Aside having great business acumen, Liz has an amazing sense of style. Here are some of our favorites from her past looks.


Legs for days!
Liz Ogumbo in the front-slit cape gown from her Safari Collection


Doing one of the things she does best – singing!


Liz in another piece from the Safari Collection. The collection is quite stunning isn’t it?


It really wouldn’t be Liz without a pop of color and fun!

For more on our stunning style icon of the month, visit her website www.lizogumbo.com and her instagram page @lizogumbo.

Be sure to follow us, @stylesummitafrica on Instagram as well!


16 replies on “African Style Icon of The Month – Liz Ogumbo

    1. Thank you SO much for thinking of me and nominating me. However, I’ve decided to make my blog award-free because of lack of time and so that I can focus on getting fashion content on the website. But thank you so much! ❤️😘

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