A vibrant African Festival & Culture Scene Reaches Moscow!

Moscow is set to become a vibrant new scene for contemporary African art, fashion and food from Aug 31 – Sep 6, 2017.

AAFFF will feature distinguished fashion designers, creators and artists with an exclusive opening cocktail party taking place at 15 Kitchen + Bar. Contemporary African art exhibition, modern & traditional furniture & artefacts exhibition, fashion installation, live music, South African Wine Sponsored by DGB & Catering done by Zimbabwean Restaurant The Space Harare.

The Space Food-9804
Food from “The Space Harare”

Participating merchants, artists and entertainers come from Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South Africa, Morroco, Gabon, Angola, Zimbabwe & more. AAFF has created an extensive programme where visitors can participate in a series of talks and workshops. This will take place throughout the day and will be given by African Art, Fashion, Food & Wine specialists. This event is open to the general public and a ticket will be required for entry (500Roubles). Time: 10am – 7pm . Those attending will be able to enjoy an extraordinary trip to the many different African countries represented at the festival.

Here are some of the participants:

Alex da Silva- Cape Verde (artist)
Alex da Silva – Cape Verde (Artist)
Awale Studio-Fashion Cote d Ivoire
Awale Studio – Cote d’Ivoire (Fashion)
Chef Abby
Chef Abby
Jacqueline Shaw (Africa Fashion Guide)
Jacqueline Shaw (Africa Fashion Guide)
Yannis Guibinga - Gabon (artist)
Yannis Guibinga – Gabon (Artist & Photographer)

Entrepreneur Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen and co-founder Anna Rykova are the creative force behind this distinct vision. Priscilla is a former International fashion model who worked extensively in the fashion industry. She is also the founder of Zimbabwe Fashion International, which has for the past 8 years organized Zimbabwe Fashion Week and Musica Festival Fashion Program hosted by the Italian Embassy. In 2016 Priscilla created The Space Harare, a multi-brand, fashion & lifestyle concept store which stocks various fashion designers from Africa. The Space also houses a very popular Resto-Lounge, that specializes in shisha and international tapas.

Co-Founder, Anna Rykova (Currently Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine) is also the former Fashion Director of Russian Editions of Cosmopolitan 2005 – 2012 and Marie Claire 2013 – 2016, with over 15 years of global experience in fashion, working in New York, Berlin, Milan, Paris, London and Moscow. Since her early years as an art student of Moscow State Textile University, she drew inspiration from African arts and textiles. Her 2001 diploma project was based on Kuba raffia appliques of Zaire and has been presented by the students of Patrice Lumumba University Moscow from Ethiopia, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Guinee Bissau. During her career as an editor, she promoted African designers and African countries as holiday destinations. She was the first Russian editor who covered Lagos Fashion and Design Week in 2013

Priscilla Chiggaro – Gessen says: “We believe that AAFFF has invited the best creatives and producers from Africa, where art, fashion, coupled with amazing food and innovative service, will offer an authentic culture exchange, something special and intriguing for our guests”

Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen & Anna Rykova (co founders)
Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen & Anna Rykova (Co-founders)


Africa Art Fashion Food Festival has been created to provide meaningful cultural exchange opportunities, providing a characterful experience for the locals and travellers who seek individuality, style and personalised service from their producers. As the first event of its kind to be held in Moscow, their vision is to become the most significant link between Africa and Russia. To create new market for African designers, artists and producers of elite consumer products in the lifestyle segment. To create opportunities to promote Russian products and services oriented towards African markets and to position them in the African space. To create opportunities for exposure and tourism including cross-cultural fashion and art exchange.

Africa defines its own scene and creates a new modern perspective in Moscow.

For more information on the festival programme visit: www.aafffmoscow.com

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