African brands, Ara Kani and Skeif have collaborated on a new athleisure clothing line with an ultra urban twist. I think this line is perfectly timed because of the rise of athleisure/sportswear and urban fashion in Africa. Some may say it’s a trend but If you ask me, the popularity of this type of clothing is here to stay. Why?

A change in mindset: If you know Africans and our food, you know we LOVE our carbs and starchy foods. Unfortunately, this diet isn’t always the best for our health (or for even dreaming of having a flat stomach). In recent years, most Africans have started improving their diets and exercising more. And this change in mindset makes us SO ready to embrace athleisure wear.

It’s a win-win: You get the quality and cool aesthetic of the more “mainstream” foreign athleisure brands while supporting local African creatives and our growing fashion industry.


It makes you look effortlessly cool. Aiming for the I-just-threw-this-outfit-on-but-I-still-look-so-dope look? Athleisure’s got you covered.


You can actually look good and be comfortable. Tight-fitting clothes and sky-high heels may still be hot but there’s nothing like looking good and actually feeling comfortable.

Athleisure is aspirational: It pushes you to make better decisions. Plan on wearing a crop top and some sweats? You’re probably going to switch that cocktail for a smoothie. It’s like it makes you more conscious of how you spend your time and money. You might even want to go to the gym instead of staying out all night, blah blah blah. You get my drift right? Just like runway fashion, athleisure is aspirational. It makes you want to work harder to be that which you hope to achieve.


The Ara Kani/Skeif collab will be globally available online by end of September and in-store at Amerikana Afrika in Newtown, Johannesburg (South Africa).

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