Isn’t it time African (or should I say Ghanaian) leaders start giving more modern but culturally significant gifts to foreign delegations? We have become so predictable and boring with the usual gifts of plain Kente stoles (thin strip of Kente fabric typically worn on the neck. It’s very commonly worn by college students during graduation). This year, the people of Akwamufie decided to up their gift-giving game for the Queen of Denmark’s visit to Ghana. They contacted Ghanaian designer and dressmaker, Esowba Couture, who started the “feathered silk robe” trend for brides in 2016, to make a garment for presentation to the Queen. The Queen and her delegation visited with the objective of showcasing Ghana as an attractive market for Danish Companies to invest in and partner.

Esowba feathered silk robe

For her choice of clothing to gift the Queen, Esowba chose a classic blazer and specifically chose original Kente fabric from Bonwire (the birthplace of Kente). This was a very intentional choice since Kente is fabric for royalty. Even beyond that, she chose the “Fathia fata Nkrumah” Kente design because it carries a message of love and unity. It was originally designed specially for President Nkrumah’s wife, Fathia, and celebrates their unity beyond boundaries since Kwame Nkrumah was Ghanaian and his wife was Egyptian. What better way to promote and acknowledge the relationship of unity and love between Ghana and Denmark?

Esowba presentation
Presentation of the blazer by the Queenmother of Akwamufie

Esowba edit 2

Esowba’s hope is that the blazer becomes one of the Queen’s most cherished gifts; one that will always bring back fond memories of her visit to Ghana.

“I want it to be one of the main things that represent Ghana and its’ culture when she goes back to Denmark”

What are your thoughts? Is it time to change the gift-giving status quo? This way gifts to dignitaries can be clothing items that can be worn or even home decor items that will fit modern aesthetic but still speak volumes about our culture. Let’s up our gift-giving game and promote the “Africa to the world” agenda!

Connect with Esowba Couture on:
Instagram (@esowba_couture)
Facebook (Esowba Couture)

Here are a few more of my favourite Esowba Couture pieces. Enjoy!


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