They say you can never really run away from your passion. I guess that was it for me. Aside being a marketing MBA holder, I love the arts and I always have. Music, food, writing and most of all fashion. Growing up in Ghana, I’ve always been fascinated with the growing fashion scene in Africa and was always eager to play a role in it. Currently, as a Brands Partnerships Associate for Ethical Apparel Africa and a freelance consultant for fashion businesses, this website is the beautiful place where my love for fashion  and its business management meet.

SSA exists for the love of, and belief in the fashion, style and talent of African designers and creators. Our continent inspires design and fashion choices all over the world though people are not always aware of it. And so, my goal is to show the world the best of luxury and contemporary African fashion while helping the designers to improve their business knowledge and strategy. This is about the fashion, yes, but even more so about the stories, people and business behind it. Stories and pictures here are all carefully curated to show the style and talent on the continent.

If you are a designer, I hope this blog inspires you to continue to create and reassess your business! And if you are a fashion consumer that loves to explore, learn new things, and not only likes to turn heads with your sense of style but actually cares where your clothes come from then this blog is also for you. Discuss the content, comment, enjoy, be inspired!

Elorm Yankah 

Picture by Tino Nyandoro

Posts will be written by yours truly and guest bloggers as well. 

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