Loin Cloth & Ashes

This week I’m crushing on the Fall/Winter jackets by the womenswear label “Loin Cloth & Ashes”. The label is a South African-based brand founded by Tanzanian-born Anisa Mpungwe. Anisa became the first black woman to win the Elle (Magazine) New Talent Award in 2008…

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5 More Ways To Stay Creative!

A lot of the time, we start a project and stop halfway through because we’ve lost inspiration. Other times, we have ideas but never start because we either don’t have faith in our ideas or simply believe that others are born creative and we are not…

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Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much Lora Tia for nominating us for the Blogger Recognition Award!
I created this blog mainly for 3 reasons:
1) I love fashion and style
2) I was annoyed at the global misrepresentation of fashion by Africans.
3) I wanted to encourage designers and creatives of African descent to continue to create while opening them up to new markets…

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