Fashion, Afrobeats and Urban Britain

There has always been a strong, intertwining relationship between fashion and music, and Afrobeats is no different. It’s the musical genre taking over the airwaves and the fashion scene!

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Labré And The Fashion Revolution

Meet Breanna Moore, the young African American woman whose trip to Ghana changed her perception about fashion and inspired her to start a business that would play a role in the global Fashion Revolution.

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Jidenna’s African fashion in latest music videos

If you haven’t heard already, the past couple of weeks have been very busy for Nigerian-American musician Jidenna. He released the visuals to his song “little bit more” a few weeks ago and released the visuals to another song, “Chief don’t run”, just yesterday. One thing Jidenna is known for is his pride in portraying Nigerian culture in his clothing, lyrics and videos. His most recent video releases are no exception.

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