My Heart Skipped A Beat In Cuba, the Spring/Summer 2017 collection designed by Ife’s Closet, features a 20-piece assortment of high energy ready-to-wear pieces through a burst of colorful and rich West African vintage prints. From slimline dresses and tops with exaggerated silhouettes to peplum and layered skirts and jumpsuits; Ife’s Closet’s West African prints infused with the tropical vibrancy of Havana nights, is a must-have collection for any wax print / ankara fabric lover this spring/summer.


Designed by sisters Titi and Tinuke Ukrinamemen, the UK-based designers’ third collection was created and inspired after their first trip and experience to the timeless capital of Havana, Cuba.

“Cuba was a breathtaking experience of culture, color and style that unexpectedly inspired our latest collection. It was amazing to experience and watch the dancers in the taverns of the historic town of Trinidad, women dressed in Bata Cabañas and gélés in the squares of Habana Vieja to men in traditional Guayabera, smoking tobacco whilst playing checkers on the bay of Cienfuegos. The more we walked the streets of Cuba making memories of each cobble and skirmish of rust and color, the more the collection sprang to life. My Heart Skipped A Beat In Cuba is a clash of twists and turns; it’s feminine and vibrant, mixed with old favorites with new dimensions,” said Tinuke Ukrinamemen.


The collection is available at and the “Kach Me If You Can” showroom created by celebrity stylist Kanayo Ebi in Long Island City, New York.


20 replies on ““My Heart Skipped A Beat in Cuba” by Ife’s Closet

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    African fashion and fashionistas are breaking out boldly on the international fashion stage. I can’t wait for them to go mainstream rather than remaining a niche, ethnic proposition. They have to be bolder, more inventive and innovative. We can also be exporters of culture.

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  2. That’s so lovely that sisters are behind this…one of my dreams is to build a project/business with a good friend…I’d love to go to Cuba- the dancing, food, architecture…my fav piece of their collection was the simple blue and white tie dye dress.Hope you are having a good start to your week hon. ( :

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